Chinese Baptist Press (International) Limited is a publishing organization of vision, mission and divine guidance. We have operated faithfully in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong, providing a ministry of Christian literature to the global Chinese Christian communities in the course of the past one hundred years.  [More on History]

Reviewing the past and previewing the future, we want to give thanks to the Lord of Wonders on this day of many changes. Trusting that His faithfulness will further lead us to experience His glory and power, such that our faith is strengthened, we will be able to shoulder the call of the time, and to continue to work with Him.

The Press has been under the leadership of a new Board of Directors since January 1996, becoming the independent and non-profit seeking owner of current ministries and properties, with achieving financial self-sufficiency as its goal. Our fulltime coworkers in editing, marketing and administration will continue to provide Christian books and Bible study curriculums for different age groups. In the meantime we will use the written word and other media to enable the believer to serve more effectively, extending the kingdom of the Lord. As a Christian literature organization serving the worldwide Christian churches, we need your constant and earnest intercessions before the Almighty, such that we will run and not glow weary, walk and not be faint, not only reviewing our strength and soaring on wings like eagles(cf. Isaiah 40:31), but also taking "captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ" (II Corinthians 10:5)


Board of Directors:

1. Rev. Paul Cheung  (Chairman, US / Canada)

2. Rev. Joseph Tseng  (Vice Chairman, Taiwan)

3. Rev. Eric Tong  (Vice Chairman, Hong Kong)

4. Dr. Sandra Tsang  (Secretary, Hong Kong)

5. Dr. Andrew Yang (Treasurer, Hong Kong) (Financial  Committe)

6. Prof. Ho Kin Chung  (Promotion Committe, Hong Kong)

7. Rev. John Chang  (Singapore)

8. Deacon. Raymond Chow  (US / Canada)

9. Rev. Lau Siu Hong (Hong Kong)

10. Rev. Li Yun Wu (Macau)

11. Rev. Lin Tat Kit (Hong Kong)

12. Deacon. Jady Lo  (US / Canada)

13. Rev. Mok Kong Ting (Hong Kong)

14. Deacon. Patrick Poon Pak Cheong (Hong Kong)

15. Rev. Tang Ting Hsin (Taiwan)

Executive Director :  Prof. K. C. Ho (Honorary Executive Director)


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